“Social Media is SEO which is Reputation Marketing is Social Media…
…And all of it is just good Public Relations!”

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The platforms and choices are much larger than the graph might include. And the choices grow by the month. But the good news is that all of the platforms provide similar benefit to you beyond their obvious use.

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All the platforms provide similar functions. As an example Yelp is a directory (search, with reviews (reputation marketing), and Yelp often ranks in local search results in Google. Similarily YouTube Videos get comments (social or reputation) and will show up in search naked on YouTube or as part of a webpage.

So the web has come full circle. The necessity for good content has never been greater.

The way you will get that content read is only three ways: SEO/Organic Rankings, Social Media, and Paid Ads.

All of which means traffic comes from another page. Unless of course somebody is typing your URL into the browser. The burning question we must ask ourselves is how do we get somebody to put our URL onto their page?

The very best way is to create your own content for your business and funnel it down from your main content website in through your social media accounts. Tactics like teaser posts that cajole the reader to visit back to your site offers a 3 for one deal with your content.

1. The content is consumable by your viewer
2. It lends itself out as a link which is integral in local and organic search.
3. And it can provide traffic. Especially if using the teaser tactic.

SEO is the art of getting your special page to show up in Google. But even Google is no longer a pure search engine. It is a search engine with a social layer on top of it. Futhermore, if you do local searches you often see reputation marketing inserted.

With unending choices of social media, we can chat away for hours on end and seemingly get nothing done. And although the old school reputation marketing was about getting your name and brand as high up in the organic rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Thus burying the bad name sites like RipOffReport.

Whereas often now days that could mean burying a Yelp page down to page ten. Or making sure the Yelp page is showing good reviews, and making that page rank, along with a bunch of your videos, Press Releases, photos,Social Profiles, etc. You get the picture.

Today that means your online work is much more difficult than it used to be. To manage all of these multiple duties is mind numbing. Especially if you are out in the field often.

So the result is to hire a social media “gal”. Or content “guy”. And then an ads “gal”, and so on, And none of its integrated. All these machines sometimes operating in opposition to one another.

Social media for social medias sake is just dumb. Creating content for contents sake is dumb. Linking to a site without a conversion plan is dumb. They all need to be coordinated.

Key Concept: Re-purpose Your Content

Social media without an idea how it can effect SEO or Public Relations is to not work efficiently with the tools available to you. Same with how SEO effects your Social or PR. And so on.

The absolute easiest way to wrap your arms around this is to think top down and repurposing your content. Or maybe a word that makes more sense is curating your own content across the web.

Spider Juice Technologies offers all of these services. Call for a quote and special plan built just for you. Meanwhile we do have a special content and blogging program that makes for an easy do it for you start.

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